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Our Fleet

The Execborne fleet is the true signature of our business. Anticipating your every essential travel requirement, we have assembled an executive fleet, consisting exclusively of the latest sophisticated and luxuriously enhanced vehicles, designed to meet your comfort and modern technological requirements thus creating the perfect calming ambience for your leisurely or corporate journey where you can mix business with pleasure and arrive at your destination rejuvenated.

We relish the opportunity to serve your most bespoke requests for journeys and are entirely confident in providing you with an executive vehicle to fit your desire to completely and stylishly suit your special event or occasion. We are distinct through our provision of various deluxe travel and tour services, hence, going the extra mile for our clients on every journey has become our standard level of service and growing identity within the industry.

  • Saloon

    E Class Mercedes

    The stylish E-Class saloons entail innovative technology to effortlessly provide the ultimate luxury and sophisticated experience.

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  • Estate

    E Class Mercedes - AMG Line

    The sporty Estates are a masterpiece of intelligence, allowing ample luggage space together with complete passenger comfort.

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  • MPV

    Mercedes Vito - 6 seater

    The stunning 6 Seaters have impressively raised the new MPV standard, providing a truly invigorating travel experience.

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  • MPV +

    Mercedes Vito - 8 Seater

    The 8 Seaters deliver complete versatility due to their ingenious yet exclusive design, providing comfort and space.

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